Virtual Call Center

Virtual call centers are becoming increasingly popular and it’s easy to see why.
Not only do they deliver savings for employers, but they also boost improved employee
and customer satisfaction rates. Employees can operate from separate geographic
locations, rather than being in a centralized office. This can include having several offices
worldwide to take advantage of multiple time zones and labor benefits or having call center
agents working from their homes. This also eliminate the need for large,
open plan call centers with a cacophony of call agents all answering calls at the same time.
Instead, tranquility is restored as agents are housed in smaller groups or work is outsourced to countries with lower employment costs.


Rent and operating costs are reduced due to less space being required for workers. Employee turnover leading to a reduction in hiring costs and the pool of available call center agents widens, as there are no longer geographic hiring constraints. Equally, a virtual environment is an attractive prospect for many agents. It reduces commute time, saves on transport costs and the hours are often flexible, resulting in a better work-life balance.