IP PBX Solutions

IP PBX stands for Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange. The IP PBX system provides telephone switching via (VoIP) Voice over Internet Protocol. IP PBX allows this to happen while allowing all the users to share a certain number of external phone lines and may provide additional audio, video, or instant messaging communication utilizing the TCP/IP protocol stack


With our IP PBX solutions, your company can benefit from On Premise, Cloud and Shared Cloud (limited features) solutions. Our system also supports remote extension and an Inter-office connection.  We will take your company to the next level off communication and all the solutions we offer supports the following features:

  • Digital Receptionist/ IVR

Digital receptionist also known as an auto attendant or IVR is a feature that allow the company to answer phone calls automatically and present callers with a menu of options. E.g., for sales press 1, For support press 2 and so on.

  • Voicemail to email

The voicemail to email is a hosted VOIP feature that records voicemails as an audio document. Thereafter, the audio will be sent to the email address. So, the voicemail to email service makes it possible to listen to a voicemail via email.

  • Call Queue Manager

Call Queue makes it possible to handle incoming calls and place them on the waiting list while the team is busy with other calls. When unanswered callers are waiting, it is possible for them to hear on hold music or other announcements until their call gets answered. So with the call queueing system, the company can handle all their calls with a waiting list without higher costs. It will also provide a better customer experience because callers will know their place on the waiting line and their calls will not be lost to the voicemail.

  • Hot desking

Hot desking is an organizational workspace system where desks are used by employees at different times. Through hot desking, space efficiency can be maximized and it reduces real estate risks.

  • Custom Ring groups

The custom ring group service makes it possible for the company to connect callers to a specific department or team member without having to hang up.

  • Call Recording

Through call recording, it is possible to record a voice conversation. Thereafter the audio can be stored as a digital file. Call recording is very beneficial for the company because the audio can be used as practical training, to check the service quality within the company, to solve problems etc…

  • Intercom

An intercom lets you send voice messages to a single extension with two-way audio. This means the recipient can reply to you directly from their phone or web client. Intercom can be used to remind colleagues to check an important email or remind them of an upcoming deadline.

  • Cloud Backup and Restore

Cloud Backup and restore allows the company to copy, restore, save and store the IP PBX Settings including recordings and call records secured in the cloud. That means that every information will stay secured and available when needed.

  • Advanced Reporting and Custom Call Reports.

Through the advanced reporting feature, custom management information is extracted from call records and processed in our proprietary ODD Networks’ CDR database into state-of-the-art reports for management.

  • And much more