Hotel PBX

Our Hotel PBX enables you to provide guests with high-end service minus the high cost. The hotel phone system is optimized for internal, guest to front desk communication, with additional features such as wake-up call scheduling, do not disturb and easy check out. Personalized caller ID, easy billing and more allow hotel staff to streamline the guest experience for a pleasant, hassle-free service from check in to check out. Empower hotel staff to efficiently manage guest requests, coordinate with internal employees and deliver accurate information across departments. Meanwhile, give guests the 5-star experience with the multiple in-room features and seamless integration with hotel management systems.


Easily add and remove extensions – no per user license, Use existing infrastructure & low cost devices, Identify guest calls with caller ID and personalize greeting, Delete old guest voicemail and reconfigure with the new guest name, Allow guests to schedule wake up calls and do not disturb, Instantly respond to Facebook page queries directly from your IP PBX System. Integrates with Protel, roomMaster, Micros-Fidelio & more, see guest name on reception, room service & management phones, have everything ready for billing with an easy check out function, maid status allows housekeeping to set room status via phone and Mobile On the Go possibilities.