Our remote and onsite training packages are designed to correctly transfer knowledge to our customers to ensure that they are gaining the greatest satisfaction from their deployments upgrades and maintenance. These follow a prescribed training program with sufficient flexibility to adapt to individual circumstances and abilities. You can schedule a one-on-one or a group training session.

Onsite training

Our professional trainers will show you how to stage, install, configure and maintain specific software products. Currently, onsite training is designed to accommodate groups of up to 8 attendees and can be performed at your location. Occasionally, though, customers have preferred to travel to our own offices and meet many more of our staff. If you are an individual or a small group who would like to participate in one of our scheduled onsite classes.

Remote training

The Web-based training provides an overall technical explanation of system architecture, services, and available add-ons. Question and answer time period, in the end, ensures that all your questions get answered. Remote training session times are agreed with a trainer. Usually, there are two or more and are staggered over a two-week period to provide time for experiments, reflection, absorption and further feedback.